The Art of Tattooing

I just want to first off start by saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thats great in fact! You have an opinion, thats brilliant!
However when it comes to it, at the end of the day, there comes a point where a few people feel they can express their opinion without regard to other people and if those people will be hurt by their feelings. You need to think before you speak, you’ve been told this your entire life as you’ve grown. The basic question I’m asking is this: why have people stopped thinking before they speak?  

If they have a extreme dislike towards tattoos, what is the need to openly profess their disgust towards them? Why do people feel they can comment and hate on tattoos, towards the person who has a tattoo, or tattoos. Do you see people who have tattoos commenting and professing their hate towards non-tattooed people? The answer is no. No, you do not.
I have tattoos, more than one, and I respect peoples choices of whether they do or do not want a tattoo. It’s called a personal choice. It’s called freedom to do whatever you want to your body. This is a post of my opinion, as there is a thing called free speech. I respect peoples choices they make in their life, whether you have tattoos or not, you only get one life after all. However the difference between my comments and other peoples comments on the subject, is that I am not judging, hating or being rude towards them.

When you have a tattoo, you notice a difference in the way they treat you. You notice their questions. And you notice how you have to build a thick skin, against the closest people you had next to you, your family and friends. This is only a selection…

  • Why did you even get it, what is the point?
  • Why did you get it there?
  • What about when you get old, wrinkly and saggy?
  • What about your wedding day? That will ruin everything.
  • You’ve ruined your skin.
  • You looked so much nicer before, you aren’t worried about ruining your beautiful body?
  • Whats the meaning?
  • How much money did you waste on getting that?
  • Did it hurt?
  • Do you think you’ll ever regret it? Do you regret it now?
  • You know thats on your body forever right?
  • Isn’t that unprofessional? You won’t get hired now you have them.
  • HOW will you even get a job now? (its called a sparking CV, my intelligence and my charm)
  • Can I touch it? (hint: it feels like skin, touch your own – that is what it feels like)
  • Is it real? Are they fake?
  • Ah! What do you think that will look like on me? (I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted)
  • Oh, were you going through a rough time when you got it? Surely you could’ve spoken to someone instead of doing that. Are you still going through a rough time?
  • I don’t think I like it, but do you? (are you seriously that ridiculous, I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise)

And then my absolute favourite: Didn’t your mum want to murder you? Yes, yes she did but she respects my decision. She has her opinion and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. She loves me, and that is all that matters right?

Tattooing is an art. 

I don’t see it as a sign of rebellion, a waste of time or money or a ‘ruin’ to your skin. I see it as remembering your past, looking to your future, and looking down to remember the good times. When you are old, some people get cars to feel and remember their youth. When I’m older? I will look down at my skin, my body which endured so much, whether it was pain, regret, happiness, joy, a person or whatever. Thats all I need. I definitely do not need a brand spanking new convertible (most likely in Royal Blue or Silver), probably an Aston Martin DV7. I am not James Bond, nor do I want to be James Bond. I’d rather watch Sean Connery and Daniel Craig on my TV thanks, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

I’d rather explain to my grandchildren what happened and the meanings behind my body art when they ask. I would show them the photos, the events I’ve witnessed and what I did when I was younger.

You know, I saw an article on the internet titled “7 reasons why smart people should’nt get tattoos”. Can I just be the first to say hold up, WHAT? If a ‘smart’ person wants to get a tattoo, why shouldn’t they? In my opinion, in this day and age when people are expressing themselves in their own way, in where women can vote, where men have parental rights, where children can walk around and have their own mind of what they want to do when they’re older – why on earth are people still on this debate. It’s very simple: if you love puppies, you get a puppy. If you are a man and love other men, you will be with a man. If you are a woman and want to transition to a man, you transition. If you want to have a child without being forced into a marriage, you will not marry. There are so many things you can do now, without a massive upheaval of negative opinions coming your way. So why are tattoos, a symbol and expression of you, your faith, your beliefs, whatever the reason, why is it still a big deal?

The question I ask is this: if you wanted to wear a certain item or colour of clothing, let’s say black or wearing heels, would you? And would you get grief for doing just that? Or would you judge others for doing just so?
If you wanted to be with someone, would you be with them?
If you wanted to study history, law, art, maths, economics or fashion, would you?

Now, if you wanted a tattoo, would you get it? 

But, more importantly, would you let other peoples opinions stop you from doing what you want?

Thank you.

Everyone has their opinion, if you do take offence to this, I am sorry. But look back, have you ever said something then realised that you may have in fact hurt someone’s feelings?  Were they close to you, was it a best friend, family member or just a random person on the street?
The only thing I ask is please just think before you speak. Treat others how you want to be treated and don’t discredit someones worth and being because a decision they made to decorate and put art onto their skin.

Until next time,
Hannah Samantha x


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