LIFE: Running A Marathon

I’ve decided that I want to run a marathon, yep. I’m probably slightly crazy, actually no, I am. But thats a good thing, believe it or not. 

I stated in this post ‘LIFE: Living With Epilepsy‘ that I wanted to make a difference, to raise more awareness and fundraise for epileptic and cancer charities – and one of the ways I want to do that, is by running the 2018 London Marathon. It’s probably going to more likely be walk/jog/run in stretches, because lets face it, I’m not exactly an athlete. So, I’m going to train, and practice and run other charity events, 5K, 10K and a half marathon in preparation for next year.

The Events:

  • 5K: Race For Life, 18 June 2017
  • 10K: Race For Life, 23 July 2017
  • Half Marathon: Royal Parks for Epilepsy Society: 8 October 2017
  • Marathon: London: April/May 2018

I’m not just running for the amazing charities I want to take part in. I’m going to run for me. I want to prove to myself that I am strong, I can do this and I will do it. If I’m limited, then I’ll go slower, it’s not a race to me and it probably never will be. Doing these events will help me achieve my goal, in more than one way.

My previous experience in running was a 5K Race for Life event a few years back, and even though I have done running over summers, they were more like jogs with hopeful bursts of “I can do this” then 5/10 minutes later I feel like I’m dying. But this is different, I have a cause. I have the motivation to keep and actually stick to a plan, it’s different to other/previous times. I’m starting training now, even though officially I don’t really have to start training for the 5K until 6 weeks before (according to the race for life site). But I’m getting my fitness levels up, I’m going to fill my body with protein, become stronger & become leaner. I need to ease myself in, after all I probably haven’t done any exercise since summer, and that is an incredibly long time.

It’s going to be hard at first, that is a definite given for sure. I’m not going to start and be the best runner ever, it’s going to take time, it’s going to need training: hence the other events I wish to complete and take part in, which is just logic.

So, from here on out starts the training. I’ve got classes booked and ready to go, with one of my friends, which is the best way to go about it. Going to the gym with someone is amazing for motivation, for making it fun (exercise can be very tedious and boring at times) and just enjoying it.

Another factor which is going to help me build up muscles, getting leaner and repair my muscles after a gym / run session is the Protein World ‘The Slender Blend’ shake (banana for me!) and porridge (vanilla!). Not only was there 30% student discount (big perk) but it tastes so good. They actually have this massive campaign to promote the ‘Slender Blend’ line with Khloe Kardashian, who completely transformed herself and the results now after her intense training is absolutely amazing. You can see that she is the epitome of a Transformation Tuesday. I do want to try out more shakes and see which one works for me, such as Bootea. I really want to try out their Workout/Gym Bundle sometime, it’s not just got the protein shake but a workout shake which you drink 30 minutes before working out and gives a boost in energy and helps you to work harder. I want to see which gives the best results of energy and how you feel / how it tastes.

It’s ironic because I always used to make a joke about people who drink protein shakes, but since deciding about the gym, running and the end result of running a marathon (whenever I can/ready), I completely understand. It just shows me that you don’t know peoples reasons of doing something, until you try it out yourself. It reinforces my view that you should never judge someone, which I’ve always thought but now it’s just been reinforced to me.

Wish me luck! Let me know if any of you guys are starting any training or taking part in any charity events coming up – or even the London Marathon in April this year! I’d love to know how you’re getting on and to donate also!

Hannah Samantha x


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