VIEW: Ageless Style

Ageless Style – I have never come across this before until the other night when I was on Netflix and looking at the documentaries page. I came across a few fashion based documentaries – which I highly recommend, such as ‘Iris’ or ‘Dior and I’, but one had really stood out to me: ‘Advanced Style’. Imagine beautiful imagery of fabulous, quirky old ladies, smiling and posing for the camera. The film was released in 2014, after the very successful blog (origins) took off, which was further created into books.advanced-style-quad-dogwoof-documentary The documentary  follows 7 beautiful older women aged 62-95, with amazing personal style and a vital spirit, living in New York City as they age. One of my favourites of the 7 is the absolutely beautiful Joyce Carpati, who sticks to no rules, whatsoever – she doesn’t wear just colour and no black, she’s a mix of the classic LBD, especially with the pearl ensemble, and then, as you can see from below, the yellow and white patterned coat . It features Iris Apfel, an iconic fashion textiles queen in the industry, whose style and fashion taste is unlike no other and definitely unmatched.

I loved the documentary, watching it and taking notes in my head of personal style and what my style means to them, as Muccia Prada said – Fashion is Instant Language, one of my favourite quotes of all time. I got so inspired by the documentary, especially with the section of praising other women and how much the blog, and the book as well, have changed women’s perceptions of themselves of how they ‘should’ be or look like as they grow older, its about defying the conventions of beauty for the older generations and making a stand against the stereotype. I took to Pinterest to expand on this and delve deeper into older ladies making fashion timeless and effortless, without ever looking the same as everyone else, my board is called Ageless Style and I have linked it at the end. I hope that when I get to that age, I will look and feel as fabulous as these women do.

Another quote which is on my little chalkboard of my bedroom wall, states “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.’ And I feel that this is completely relatable to the documentary. In the documentary, the owner of the blog, book and the documentary, Ari Seth Cohen, talks to the ladies about health and if it affects them as they’re growing older, with a lot more risk to a lot of illness and other life threatening things. It’s as if the creativity of putting an outfit together, of your own personal style, keeps them active – as that is what makes them, them! Their styling, and using the streets of NYC as their own personal catwalk runway, is what keeps them going and survive their everyday life and worries. Their armour is their style and how they choose to let others see them and be let into their colourful world.

I highly recommend watching this documentary, whether on Netflix or buying it online/Itunes, its absolutely inspiring and a feel good watch – even if there is a moment of a bit of a tearjerker near the end! The next documentary that I am planning to watch is called ‘The September Issue’, showing the fashion magazines and the effort and time which goes into creating the September Issue – the most highly anticipated fashion issue of the year, when the new season styles are out and Fashion Weeks are buzzing with energy and brand new garments to showcase.



Link to my pinterest board ‘Ageless Style’ –

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